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  • 2018-12-12

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Attending: Joel Farrell, Luke Woodham, Prasad Chodavarapu, Scott Kroyer


1 Areas for future innovation for the Consortium


Joel noted big data and AI will be important moving forward as well. Machine learning will be important to big data analytics. Luke noted that there are not many that have tried to use it yet. he's not sure they have access to big data sets. xAPI generates more complex information. Joel asked about historical data. Luke noted that access is controlled, even more so with GDPR. People are making sure the old datasets are thrown away. Valerie echoed the importance of ethics in the use of data and the potential for use of data for remediation and identifying at risk learners. Luke added that they are exploring how to improve use of simulations of all types, and create more structured learning activities. They've looked at learning design to some extent.

2 Update on MedBiquitous leadership changes  

Valerie noted that MedBiquitous is transitioning its IP to AAMC, which will assume management.

3 Personnel items 

Joel noted that he will no longer be involved. He is retiring from MedBiquitous. he has lead the Technical Steering Committee for 17 years. He has enjoyed working with the team.