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MedBiquitous Competencies Working Group Charter

Document version: 1
Date: 7 December 2005
Author: Valerie Smothers (


The mission of the MedBiquitous Competencies Working Group is to develop XML standards and supporting guidelines for competency data enabling educational resources and activities to be tied to a competency framework.


Having a technology standard for representing competency data would enable content developers to tie educational activities to a competency framework. This in turn enables learners to track their accomplishments against a list of competencies relevant to their profession and specialty. A competency standard also enables educators to see how their curriculum fits into a competency framework and better manage their curriculum and its development.


MedBiquitous develops information technology standards for healthcare education and competence assessment. Through working groups and a standards committee, MedBiquitous members are creating a technology blueprint for healthcare education and competence assessment. Based on XML and Web services standards, this blueprint will weave together the many activities, organizations, and resources that support the ongoing education, performance, and assessment of healthcare professionals.


To take advantage of the industry work underway, MedBiquitous will work with IEEE LTSC to develop standards for competency data. With these standards in place, organizations will be able to share and use competency lists, thereby connecting learning to existing competency frameworks and helping learners to see their educational accomplishments within the context of a competency framework. Standards would also enable the delivery of learning content based on identified gaps in competency.


The working group will focus on developing requirements for representing health professions competencies and working with the IEEE LTSC Competency Working group to ensure that these requirements are incorporated into the competency-related standards being developed by the IEEE. The group may supplement these activities by specifying requirements for Web services to enable the exchange of competency data. Whenever possible, the group will leverage useful specifications developed by other organizations. The MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee will offer guidance and technical support for approaches requiring Web services descriptions.


Currently there is confusion around the nature of competencies and their structure. Some groups take a general, high level approach while others have a more specific and structured approach. The working group may develop guidelines to provide guidance to healthcare educators wishing to develop competencies, or the working group may limit the scope of what it considers a competency in developing technical specifications. It is expected that the working group will further refine this scope outlined in this charter to best meet their goals.

Work Plan

The Working Group will meet via teleconference on most occasions. Face-to-face working group meetings or barn raisings may be convened upon occasion. Working Group members or staff will perform much of the group's work independently with member comments submitted to a discussion list.


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