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Meeting Information


July 11, 2007



Attending: Skip Bartolanzo, Mary Berg, Ray Everngam, Peter Greene, Monica Hanks, Jeanette Harmon, Lorena Hitchens , Ed Kennedy, Laura Martin, Christine Morales, Spencer Moore, Rob Oberteuffer, Carl Singer, Kelly Smith, Valerie Smothers, Toby Vandemark.


Lorena asked how this would be used. Peter commented it would have an advantage to the learner. They could download it and upload elsewhere. The portfolio could read the data. It would be great if industry found a way to ship certificates around. Lorena commented that it wouldn't substitute for reporting to providers. If they did provide pdfs to learners, they would want to have it digitally signed. Peter commented that there is a unique identifier stamp to prevent duplication. Signatures could always be optional, but we wouldn't want to require it. Lorena commented that it remains to be seen how many customers will want it. She will try it out before the next call.

3 Review of Sample CME certificates and proposed structure for state requirements (time permitting)