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Meeting Information


October 30, 2009


8 PDT/11 EDT/16 CET

(NOTE: EU switches to standard time one week ahead of US)


The minutes were approved.

2 Confirm revised schedule

Kim asked the group to review the revised schedule on the wiki. She commented that our next call would be November 6. Many group members will be unavailable due to be AAMC meeting. Brownie, Gwen, Pat, and Carol all indicated that they would not be available. Kim commented that we would bring any issues from the November 6 meeting forward to the November 20 meeting. 


4 Review revised use cases

Valerie provided an overview of the use cases and where we are in terms of the process. Valerie commented that the use cases better define the problem that we are trying to solve. It is important to get the group consensus on the use cases in order to move forward in developing the standard. That ensures that we are all working to solve the same problem. The current use cases focus on the transition from undergraduate professional education to graduate professional education (residency). An administrator may send the data to a residency program, the residency program director may request the data, the learner may request the data, or a researcher may request the data.


The group agreed with the re-ordered priority and content of the use cases. No additional use cases were suggested.

5 Open discussion

Kim asked the group to turn to the recurring conversation around data related to coursework. There have been several conversations about whether or not would be helpful to annotate the coursework a student completes to compare like courses and get a better sense of what students have participated in. Another perspective is that it's more important to see whether student is fully participating in the curriculum.