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Meeting Information


December 4, 2009


8 PST/11 EST/16 GMT/17 CET

Please note: the conferencing service will ask you to enter the pound sign. Press # for pound.

Attending: Kim Hoffman, Chair; Valerie Smothers, Staff; Tim Brown, Carol Carraccio, Gwen Garrison, Bob Galbraith, Simon Grant, Linda Lewin, Amber Montañano, Pat O'Sullivan, Morgan Passiment, Kevin Souza, Sandra Waters

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes*of last call*


Kim commented that schools are asking how much work the pilot would be locally. A discussion of that question would help them gain local advocates.


The recommendations of the small group on leave of absence/academic difficulty were accepted.

Action Items

Pat will work with Valerie to further describe the free text fields and how they are to be used (optional, required, or recommended).

The technical subgroup will work to develop an example and to test that example in Mahara.

The December 18 call is canceled. Our next call will be January 15.