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Meeting Information


January 15, 2010


8 PST/11 EST/16 GMT

Attending: Kim Hoffman, Chair; Valerie Smothers, staff; Michael Barbouche, Carol Carraccio, Elaine Dannefer, Bob Galbraith, Gwen Garrison, Maureen Garrity, Simon Grant, Alex Haig, Lindsey Henson, Linda Lewin, Chandler Mayfield, Pat O Sullivan, and Sandra Waters.

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.


Kim asked Chandler and Valerie to try and schedule a small group call before the next working group call.

4 Schedule of future calls

The dates for future calls are available on the wiki.


  • Pat and Lindsey will provide narrative descriptions of a fictional student that completed the pathways to discovery and flexible MD programs respectively.
  • The extracurricular small group will speak to further clarify characterization of certificate programs and joint degrees.
  • The technical architecture small group will speak to clarify how we operationalze the recommendation to use leap 2a in the current medical school environment.
  • Gwen will send resources describing technical capacity needed to implement mcas and eras clients.