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This page describes member interests in developing standards for sharing information and related work to date.

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Interests: Please add your interests here
Related work: Please describe any related work here

Cleveland Clinic

Interests: competency-based assessment system and managing all assessment data collected for each student.
Related work:

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

Related work:

Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

Related work:

Federation of State Medical Boards

Related work:

Indiana University

Interests: developing a competency-based transcript for graduates
Related work:

Joint Information Systems Committee UK, CETIS
Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards

Interests: general interoperability between e-portfolio systems, and portability of information between them
Related work: LEAP2A

National Board of Medical Examiners

Related work:

NHS Scotland

Interests: post-graduate portfolios for multiple professions
Related work:

Odean Data

Interests: Establishing standards-based infrastructures for data collection/reporting.
Related work: A state wide initiative in Wisconsin.

University of Dundee

Interests: Evaluation and scoring of portfolios.
Related work:

University of Maastricht

Interests: Creating interoperability between residency programs
Related work:

University of Maryland

Interests: sharing competencies among educators in ways that help the learner. The development of competence along the training /practice continuum
Related work: Alpha testing the ACGME Learning Portfolio for our residency training program

University of Minnesota

Interests: measuring competency and coming up with a way to share data about doctors trying to move into different hospitals and jobs.
Related work:

University of Missouri

Related work: