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Meeting Information


February 20, 2008


11:00 EST

Attending: Tim Willet, Rosalyn Scott, Co-Chairs; Susan Albright, Ben Azan, Ted Hanss, David Price, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last call
Tim reviewed that on the last call we discussed the OHSU MedBiquitous survey, made some adjustments to our own survey and talked about survey recipients. Rosalyn moved to accept the minutes, Ted seconded. The minutes were approved.

2 Survey target audience
Several working group members have suggested individuals or organizations to target. Tim explained that the survey is based on our need to understand how people will use competencies. We want to send it to those that are beginning to use competency frameworks. There is a list we've compiled so far. He asked the group to brainstorm additional recipients. Rosalyn asked Valerie about competency presenters at AMEE and suggested asking AMEE for the contact information. Susan commented that the American Veterinary College Association would be good to add. They are starting to require vet schools to collect competency information. Susan commented that their dental school has a pamphlet of competencies every dentist must have before they graduate. It would be interesting to know how they use them. Rosalyn commented that APGO should be added. Their emails are on the women's health competencies document. Tim commented that few Europeans are on the list. Valerie recommended adding University of Maastricht. Tim commented that his list had some uk names. Tim asked if many nursing organizations are on the list. Rosalyn recommended the OR Nurses association. David recommended ANCC, ACPE, and ABMS, too. Kevin Weiss is the new president CEO at ABMS. He is trying to revamp the organization. Tim recommended adding COBATRICE, Competency Based Training Program in Intensive Care Medicine for Europe. He will also ask Ron Harden for other recommendations.

Ted asked when we are putting the list to bed. Tim replied that we are hoping to get it out in the next couple of weeks.

3 Survey preamble/invitation
Rosalyn commented that since there are a number of people that may not know about MedBiquitous, we need a paragraph about medbiquitous. Valerie made changes to the document based on group comments in real time. Susan recommended adding AAVMC if we are looking for another competencies source. Roz asked about the survey itself. Will this invitation clarify the questions in the survey? The group added some more details on technology standards.

The group also recommended redirecting respondents to a page that promotes the conference after the survey is completed.

The group agreed to send one reminder email after two weeks. Tim commented that modest wording would be ok and agreed to send language. Valerie will add more definitions to the top of the survey.

4 Draft poster for review
David commented that we should have handouts with the poster that have description of the use cases. Rosalyn recommended consolidating the information under More Information and making working group members 2 columns. Then we might have room to list use cases. Valerie captured other comments in the text of the poster.

5 Open discussion
Rosalyn commented that the survey is well organized. Valerie agreed to fill in some gaps left in the survey and the invitation list then ask Jody to develop the survey on survey monkey and send it to the list. This should take 2 to 3 weeks. After the survey is complete, we should share the results with the IEEE study group, Then we can start to develop a specification and architecture, potentially leveraging existing work. Rosalyn asked if we should revisit use cases. Tim commented that after the survey results are in, we should. He asked that we delay the next call. We need 7 or 8 weeks to be ready to talk. We will strive to send out survey analysis before the next call. Roz commented she would like to plan a productive meeting at the conference.


  • One reminder email will be sent two weeks after the initial survey invitation is sent.
  • The survey will direct respondents to a page about the annual conference once the survey is complete.
  • We will delay the next call until April.

Action Items

  • Valerie will ask AMEE for contact information for competency presenters at 2007 meeting.
  • Tim will ask Ron Harden for contacts in Europe appropriate to receive the survey
  • Valerie will complete edits to survey and survey list and prepare to send in 2-3 weeks.
  • Rosalyn, Tim, and Valerie will send out survey analysis before the next call
  • Valerie will send out schedule information for the next call.
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