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Matt has prepared an analysis of using XAPI with virtual patients.

Some potential use cases that would link in with using XAPI for reporting. How these VP's might be actually shared in practice is an authorization and Content Brokering Issue. 

XAPI01 - Sharing a case from Clinical Practice with an Educational Institution  

XAPI02 - Sharing a case written by an Education Institution with Clinical Practice 

XAPI03 - Reporting on Virtual Patient Type Activities from systems that do not support the standard

XAPI04 - Analyzing the effect of a Virtual Patient Case in context

XAPI05 - Recording a group of learners playing through a VP collaboratively and linking that video to learning record

XAPI06 - Videoing an individual's progress through a VP for qualitative analysis 

XAPI07 - Playing a series of linked VP cases over a period of time

XAPI08 - capturing and analyzing the learning context around a VP case

XAPI09 - tracking a change to recommended practice and invalidating competency record

Possible basis for VP specific community profile   



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