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Get Ready for Roll Out! A Standards Implementation Workshop

Sascha Cohen, University of California San Francisco
James Fiore, American Board of Surgery
Valerie Smothers, MedBiquitous
June 6, 2017


Objective: By the end of this workshop, you will be able to identify the key considerations when implementing MedBiquitous standards for data exchange, systems integration or system development.



  1. Introductions and interests
  2. Implementation purpose
    1. Collecting data/content from disparate sources
    2. Sending data/content to a common source
    3. Broad sharing of data/content
    4. Enabling system design, integration or 1 to 1 partner collaboration
  3. Mapping requirements
    1. How do your requirements map to the MedBiquitous standard(s)?
    2. Do you/your partner have additional requirements for things that are in the standard?
    3. Additional elements not in the standard?
    4. Rules beyond what is in the XML schema?
  4. Versioning
    1. Agreement with partner on spec version
    2. Coding to a draft spec – risks and rewards
    3. Plan for subsequent version releases
  5. Validating data
    1. Local schema?
    2. schema (no service guarantee)?
    3. Program implementing business rules?
    4. No validation?
  6. Data governance/data exchange policies
    1. Who will determine policies?
    2. How will they be communicated or enforced?
  7. Data exchange models
    1. Closed model – known entities (restful vs soap web services)
    2. Open model/linked data – unknown data requesters
  8. Asking Questions
    1. Interpretation question – full working group (can go through Valerie)
    2. Implementer discussion lists – open to all
    3. MedBiquitous meetings/other implementers
    4. Documentation on the website
    5. Consulting/training
  9. Discussion
    1. Costs
    2. Vendor selection
    3. Policy
    4. Sustainability

Working group list

Implementers list and how to join

Contact Valerie if you think we should start an additional implementers list.

5 things to know before you start

  1. Define your objectives and get buy in
  2. Get the specification and schema
  3. Figure out your requirements and map them to the specification
  4. Join the implementers list if available
  5. Tell Valerie!