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*NOTE:  Adoptions of an ISO or IEC standards require compliance with ANSI’s Sales & Exploitation Policy.

  1.   Designation of Proposed Standard:

ANSI /MEDBIQ CF.10.1-201x

  1.   Title of Standard:

Competency Framework

  1.   Project Intent: (Check the applicable box below)

3a.  Supersedes or Affects: (Specify designation of approved ANS standard(s) to be superseded and/or ISO or IEC standard(s)* to be adopted)

Create new standard


*Adopt ISO or IEC standard ( 3.0  Expedited Procedures for the Identical Adoption of an ISO or IEC standard as an ANS )



*Adopt modified ISO or IEC standard ( 2.0   Requirements Associated with the Identical or Modified Adoption of an ISO or IEC Standard as an ANS )



* AND this adoption revises this current ANS



Revise current standard



Revise and Redesignate current standard



Revise, Redesignate and Consolidate current standard



Revise and Partition current standard



Reaffirm current standard



Reaffirm and Redesignate current standard



Addenda to a current standard under Continuous Maintenance: ( this document relates to/updates the following base document that is registered under Continuous Maintenance)



Supplement to a current standard



Withdraw current standard



  1. This standard contains excerpted text from an ISO or IEC standard, but is not an ISO or IEC adoption.


Check here if this standard includes excerpted text from an ISO or IEC standard but is not an identical or modified adoption of an ISO or IEC standard.

  1. Provide a brief explanation of the need for the project:

The use of outcome and competency frameworks is a growing part of healthcare education and maintenance of certification. Currently, there is no standard way to represent these frameworks, and therefore no easy way to import/export competency frameworks across systems.

  1. Identify the stakeholders (e.g., telecom, consumer, medical, environmental, etc.) likely to be directly impacted by the standard:

Medical schools, hospitals, certifying boards, licensing boards, professional associations, continuing education providers, information technology vendors, accreditation organizations, healthcare professionals.

  1. This PINS revises a previous PINS submittal:


Note: A revised PINS is only required if the previously identified stakeholders have changed substantively (see item 6 on this form.).

  1. Description of Contents of Standard: (Provide a one paragraph description, not to exceed 500 characters.)

Competency Framework leverages the Healthcare Learning Object Metadata and may reference external competency definitions of different formats. It contains metadata about the framework as well as relationships (hierarchical and non-hierarchical) among competency objects and existing frameworks that comprise the competency framework.

  1. Canvass Developers: ( This request must include a statement of how to obtain a copy of the canvass list.)


Check here to request Canvass Initiation Announcement.

  1. Obtain a Copy of the Canvass List: (Specify name of contact or a URL address.)


  1. Consumer Product or Service:

Check here if standard covers Consumer Product or Service

  1. Accredited Standards Developer Acronym:


  1. Procedure Used for Consensus: (check one)






  1. Submitter: (Specify Accredited Standards Developer submitter’s name and complete contact information, address, phone, email, etc.)


Valerie Smothers


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Baltimore, MD 21202


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