Professional Profile Development Timeline



Project proposal submitted to ANSI


Project announced in ANSI Standards Action

8/12/2005 – 9/11/2005

Comment period minimum of 30, 45 or 60 days


If Standards developer receives written comment within 30 days of PINS announcement in Standards Action that proposed standard duplicates an existing standard, a mandatory deliberation of representatives from relevant stakeholders groups shall be held within 90 days from comment deadline.



Project assigned to Standards Committee and Working Group

12/1/2005 – 1/9/2006

Standards Committee and Working group prepare draft


Draft presented to Executive Director &  Executive Director submits BRS-8 form to initiate public review and comment

1/9/2006 – 2/23/2006

Public review (must be 45 days)


Specification returns to Standards Committee and Working Group to address comments

2/24/2006 – 3/13/2006

Comments resolved


Ballot sent to Standards Committee

3/13/2006 – 4/24/2006

Ballot period (must be 6 weeks from date of issue or as soon as ballots are returned)

4/ 14 /2006  

Follow-up notice sent to those who haven’t voted within ten working days before ballot closes

4/25/2006 – 5/9/2006

Consideration of objections


Objectors notified of disposition; Standards Committee notified of substantive changes to afford all members an opportunity to respond to them or to reaffirm or change their votes within four weeks


Standards Committee considers changes


Executive Director forwards candidate standard to ANSI using BSR-9 form


If ANSI approves standard, Executive Director publishes standard, If ANSI disapproves standard, Executive Committee determines next step.



  • Ballot period may be shorter if all committee members submit votes in less than 6 weeks.
  • If no comments are received in public review, balloting can begin sooner.
  • If no objections or negative votes are received, the specification can be submitted to ANSI at the end of the balloting process.
  • Timeline assumes no appeals.
  • Must have approval by two-thirds of those voting for standard approval