We have received a request for revision to the Curriculum Inventory Specification, v1.11.  This request for revisions will be processed as a MedBiquitous Standard, not as an American National Standard. All public comments collected here will be utilized to refine the potential project to revise this standard.  This call for public comment will close in 30 days, on Friday, May 29, 2020. 

Please utilize the comment section on this page to provide your relevant comments.

MedBiq -Curriculum Inventory Specifications v1_11_Confluence.pdf


Remove Data item “Supporting Link”; Page 16

Program Title; Page number 16.

Change “Program Description” to optional; Page number 16.

Profession/Specialty; Page 21-22

Remove data item “Educational Context”; Page number 21

Interprofessional; Page number 26

Primary instruction method vs. time per method; Page number 28

Formative and summative; Page number 29

Expectations/Competency Objects; Page number 31

Expectation IDs; Page number 31 (Competency Object Framework – pages 17-18)

Program expectation domains and competencies; Page numbers: 32.

Academic Level Label; Page number 35.

Academic Levels; Page 35.

Sequence Block and Integration Block; Page numbers 36.

Preconditions & Postconditions; Page 41

Definition for Sequence block event; Page numbers 41 and 47.

Competency object reference; Page number 41

Events in nested sequence blocks; Page number 47

Event reference; Page number 49