A consistent challenge that MedBiquitous has been called upon to address is bringing to bear a distributed set of tools and resources in support of health professions education (HPE) and credentialing. Although the MedBiquitous community has answered this call on multiple occasions, the challenge remains that the adoption of the standards and guidelines produced by the community occurs only in niche pockets, rather than by the HPE community at large. All industries have standards, many of which are applicable to HPE. It is our goal to educate the community on the importance of harmonizing standards across industries and acknowledge their impact on HPE.

In support of a vision for a digital ecosystem in health professions education and credentialing, the MedBiquitous community has started working on the MedBiquitous 2030 initiative. 

Concepts for this initiative are outlined in the attached white paper.  This will be available for a 30-day period to allow the community to provide feedback before the working group's charge is finalized.

Lines in the white paper have been numbered for ease of reference. Please utilize the comment section on this page to provide your relevant comments. In order to leave comments, you must be logged in on the MedBiquitous Knowledgebase (link in upper right on desktop layout). For log in assistance, please contact medbiq@aamc.org