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Meeting Information


November 28, 2007


2:00 PM EST

Attending: Toby Vandemark,Chair, Skip Bartolanzo, Peter Greene, Monica Hanks, Jeanette Harmon, Laura Martin, Christi Morales, Bryan Pawlak, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

Activity Report November 28, 2007

1. Review and approve minutes of last meeting
Toby asked about the minutes. No changes were sited, so they were ok.

2. Discuss sample XML activity report ce certificates
Lorena was not on the call, so the group moved to the next agenda item.

3. Discuss CE pilot project
Valerie provided an overview of the CE pilot project involving Medscape, the American Osteopathic Association, and the California Academy of Family Physicians. Osteopaths have a requirement to send CME information to the AOA. Typically they fax in certificates. They are proposing to gather CME certificate data from Medscape using the activity report specification. Medscape is a large provider of CME for osteopaths, so this would reduce the administrative burden for a significant portion of their CME documentation. The CAFP certifies several activities on Medscape and wishes to receive CE data about individuals completing their certified activities.

Bryan added that now doctors have to pronounce certificates from Medscape submits them manually. They want to exchange data via xml. They do exchange xml with CECity. They will be switching to activity report xml soon; bringing CECity into the mix.

4. Open discussion
Archana asked about expiration time and time for activity. She asked how you determine the time that an activity expires, which time zone should be used. Valerie recommended using the time where the certifying organization is located, which in many cases will be the time and date on the server. Toby agreed. For example, 3 pm our time is cut off for the application. For eqipp, the academy is the one controlling, determining if a module is expired. They have time and date of when the learner finished the activity at their end, which is encoded in the ActivityReport. Don't worry about when report is received. Let the hosting organization worry about the date.

Skip commented that they had been concerned about implementing security for activity report. They had tried to implement SSL and username token. They had implemented it on the board's side, but the academy had trouble getting that to work. They brought the dilemma before the MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee, which suggested using security assertions in wsdl. Another alternative is to abandon username token and just use PKI certificates.


Action Items

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