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MedBiquitous Activity Report Working Group Charter

Document version: 1.0
Date: 20 June 2005
Author: Valerie Smothers (


The mission of the MedBiquitous Activity Report Working Group is to develop XML standards and Web services requirements and descriptions to enable tracking of the learning and certification activities of physicians and other healthcare professionals.


MedBiquitous is the ANSI-accredited developer of information technology standards for healthcare education and competence assessment. Through working groups and a standards committee, MedBiquitous members are creating a technology blueprint for healthcare education and competence assessment. Based on XML and Web services standards, this blueprint will weave together the many activities, organizations, and resources that support the ongoing education, performance, and assessment of healthcare professionals.

Within professional medicine, there is a need for societies, certifying boards, licensing entities, and other organizations to exchange information about the educational activities and certification activities of physicians and other healthcare professionals. Professional societies often serve as the providers of education and other resources to enhance the competency of physicians and other healthcare professionals. Many certifying boards track these educational and competency activities as part of their requirements for maintaining certification. The Activity Report Schema will provide a lingua franca for the structure of this data and facilitate the educational and public service missions of these organizations and others. The schema in no way compromises the confidentiality, integrity, or security of activity data.

There are existing specifications related to activity reporting that may prove useful to the working group.

  • MedBiquitous professional profile provides a mechanism for describing a clinician's name, contact information, and unique identifiers, among other information. This specification may be helpful in identifying clinicians across organizations.
  • Within the higher education community, e-portfolio specifications exist to describe a broad range of learner accomplishments in a more cumulative fashion. Activity reports may feed into systems that provide more comprehensive e-portolios.
  • Digital signatures and other security technologies may provide the necessary security and assurance of data validity to support the use of activity reporting across organizations.

The working group will focus initially on developing XML payload specifications for Activity Reports. Whenever possible, the group will leverage useful specifications developed by other organizations. The MedBiquitous Technical Steering Committee will offer guidance and technical support for approaches requiring Web services descriptions.

The specifications and services created by this working group will likely serve as foundation pieces for other specifications and Web services designed by MedBiquitous and will be architected to allow for other parts of the MedBiquitous blueprint for healthcare education and competence assessment.

Work Plan

The Working Group will meet via teleconference on most occasions. Face-to-face working group meetings or barn raisings may be convened upon occasion. Working Group members or staff will perform much of the group's work independently with member comments submitted to a discussion list.

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