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Summary from Jyothi Holla, ABP

1 An Activity may be marked complete when 1 module is complete, 2 modules are complete or all the modules in the activity are complete. The <Status> and <Results> sub-elements of the Module alone is not enough to communicate the overall status of the Activity.

2 ActivityInstanceGUID - uniquely identifies the instance of an activity.

    • A diplomat can start an Activity multiple times, also called multiple instances. Each instance of the Activity should be tracked independently from start to completion. For example a diplomat may start a second instance of an activity without completing the first instance. He will have the choice to resume the first instance or the second instance. He may complete the second instance while the first instance is still in progress.

3 LaunchAction is a sub-element of the activity’s any element. It indicates the user’s desired action while launching the activity.  This is an optional element so boards may elect not to use it and hosts may choose not to support it.  Valid values for this element are ACTIVITY, CME, REGISTRY.

    • NOACTION – indicates the user does not require any action to be taken.
    • ACTIVITY – indicates the user desires to be placed in the activity to start, resume or review the activity.
    • CME – indicates the user desires to be placed in the appropriate CME related function for this activity. If CME has not been claimed, the user should be placed into the process to claim CME. If CME has been claimed, the user should be placed in the CME certificate or equivalent report of CME credit earned
    • REGISTRY – Indicates the user wishes to access the registry associated with this activity. This action is normally accessed after completing an activity.

4.   Activity URL - URL to launch the activity along with the one time token.

          <ActivityInstanceGUID domain="">21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-002B30309D</ActivityInstanceGUID>        

5. Return URL - URL for the learner to return to. (vs Jul 22, 2013)

6. Results are needed at the activity and module level. (vs Jul 22, 2013)

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