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It is simple to categorize everything that doesn't lead to the MD degree or another degree as "enrichment," but in the trajectory visuals it is hard to tell which of the enrichment activities were significant and which were not.  For example, getting a grant to do research of some sort at the NIH would not look different than helping kids with homework after school (not that that isn't a useful activity).  So if the intent of having a picture of a trajectory is to give one an easy way to get a sense of the student's path, I think we are losing the part that might make it the most interesting (of course you can get that information in the current scheme by mousing over, so it is actually there, just not as obvious).  I liked Simon's idea of letting the student identify up to three enrichment activities that he/she felt were most important and have those appear in a different color.  There may be other ways of getting at this, but this one is simplest because the student decides, and we don't have to come up with categories that represent our ideas about what is more important.

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