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Champions are indicated in Purple.

Learner (use case 1, 6,& 7) (We will establish a process and seek input from OSR, AMSA, AMA Medical Student Section, and SNNA)

Researcher (use case 3) (Alan Schwartz, Pat O'Sullivan)

Administrator - program director, dean, or ce director (use case 4) (Maria Esquela)

Mentor (use case 5) (Sharon Coull)

External Reviewers (Use case 2)

Credential designating organizations

  • Licensing boards (Mike Dugan)
  • Certifying boards (Bill Iobst & Carol Carraccio)
  • Hospitals (Bob Englander)
  • Professional associations
  • Insurance companies

Education related

  • Residency and fellowship program directors (Scott Smith, Patty Hicks)
  • Promotions Committees (Susan Albright)
  • Medical schools (Linda Lewin, Maureen Garrity)
  • Peers

Employment related

  • Selection/Search committees
  • Practices (Rachel Brown, Sharon Coull)
  • Other employers
  • No labels