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PESC currently allows the following kinds of data in test scores:

  • RawScoreValue
  • PercentCorrectValue
  • ScaleScoreValue
  • LabelValue
  • MasteryValue
  • CourseGrade
  • GPA
  • NormReferencedValues
    • Norm Population
    • Rank Value
    • Percentile Lower Bound value
    • Percentile rank value
    • Percentile Upper bound value
    • Standard Score value
    • Normal curve value
    • Stanine value
    • Probability value

(See the extract or the full implementation guide for more details.)

Valerie has contacted PESC regarding the inclusion of cohort data as described in our data analysis powerpoint slides (ie John Doe's achievement data). Michael Morris of ACT has replied with the following:



The schema changes can be made very quickly (a week or so)  once we agree on what is needed.  The whole documentation and approval process would take considerably longer.


Here are the requirements I extracted from the slides:

1. Add Mean to NormPopulation

2. Add StandardDeviation to the NormPopulation

3. (as long as we are at it) add Median to the NormPopulation

2. We need to add a repeatable frequency distribution complex element that would provide a label and a frequency.  (Do we need percent as well?). We could also make the order of the groups explicit if the implicit order is not sufficient.


Did I missing anything?

Michael also provided a sample XML structure:

So the question is is this sufficient? I think this is what we are looking for but hope you can verify or correct me. Thank you!

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