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Meeting Information


September 10, 2014


10 MDT/12 EDT/17 BST/18 CEST/19 EEST

Attending:  Erick Emde, Chair; Daniela Giordano, Co-Editor; Dawn Carroll, John Nash, Valerie Smothers and Dimitris Spachos.

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

Erick provided an overview of the prior minutes.  Valerie and Daniella are updating the schema and specification and will have something to present on the next call.  They plan to finish and circulate the document by the beginning of October.  The minutes were accepted as submitted.  

2 Discuss proposal related to tracking patient consent data

Valerie commented that the e-VIP project had fields to track information about patient consent related to a learning resource; the proposal she circulated was based on that work.  Where that data should be located is an open question.  She received positive feedback on the proposal from Gabrielle Campbell.  The email also included a suggestion to omit Educational Scenario and Interactive Elements as they are redundant; no objections were received for that recommendation. 

Erick asked how one would find a catalog using the data in the consent field.  Valerie provided an example created by Jagiellonian University.  They have a catalog and an entry that allows them to know which consent form is related to this learning resource.  Daniela asked about global identifiers.  Valerie agreed you could use a global cataloging system and have an accompanying entry.  She noted the VA is using local systems to catalog patient consent using secure servers and file names. Erick expressed concern about finding obscure names.  He suggested adding a field called comment/instruction where you can say what you need to find it.  Valerie will revise the proposal and send to the mailing list. Daniela suggested including an example. 

3 Discuss vocabularies used for educational context, including overlap with mEducator educational level values and MedEdPortal Intended Audience

Valerie distributed an excel document that showed the relationship among three different vocabularies, Healthcare LOM Educational context, mEducator educational levels, and MedEdPORTAL intended audience levels 1 and 2.  The LOM values were insufficient: school, higher education, training and other.  mEducator has a different set of values but matches pretty well.  MedEdPortal has more detail. In the most recent version of Healthcare LOM target audience includes audience category, which can be general, patient, caregiver, professional, student, trainee.  There are also fields for profession, discipline or specialty, and reading level. Some of the MedEdPortal vocabulary could be captured in target audience.  Do we want to make educational context vocabulary more or less granular and adopt terms from these vocabularies? 

John asked if they were the only using a more granular approach for graduate professional education.  Valerie replied as far as she knows.  She added that if an interface was created using Healthcare LOM, MedEdPortal could map their more granular vocabulary to the Healthcare LOM vocabulary.  John commented they will have that discussion internally.  Out of 1600 submissions, 971 are tagged and only 28 resources for graduate training post-doctoral are tagged.  Could that one go away? What is the difference between grad school post graduate training and professional post graduate training?  He recommended removal of that and he will bring that up to his group.  

Dawn commented the VA is using professional education and training. For things not healthcare related, like human resources training, that is under administrative.  They would add non-clinical to administrative courses.  Valerie noted the MedEdPortal vocabulary calls out the administrative side.  John commented the non-clinical professional school came about in response to the affordable care act.  Erick liked the granularity of MedEdPortal.  The CDC has public health options.  Valerie asked Erick what they are using to describe educational context, and Erick answered nothing right now. 

John suggested pulling everything up to post graduate and not do sub groups.  Valerie suggested working with John and coming back with a proposal.  Erick will check with folks that have external facing site, to see what their vocabulary is.   

4 Discuss Friend of a Friend integration (time permitting)

mEducator have used FOAF and there is interest in integrating it into Healthcare LOM.  Daniela mentioned they use FOAF as the basis for a recommender system. She will post examples of how it was done on the wiki for comment.  Valerie mentioned the Technical Steering Committee met earlier and briefly discussed FOAF.  They were interested in hearing the outcome of today’s call and having use cases surrounding its use.  John asked if that would include contact information for that creator.  Daniela answered yes, it could include multiple accounts.  Erick added if anybody else has other examples to circulate that would be helpful.


Action Items

  • Valerie will circulate a revised data model for consent.
  • Valerie and John will develop a proposed vocabulary for educational context.
  • Erick will investigate how the CDC’s external facing site describes educational context.
  • Daniela will post examples of how the mEducator group used FOAF.
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