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The following are a few examples of how healthcare LOM is being used.

1. The Association of American Medical Colleges MedEdPORTAL repository uses healthcare lom to allow external portals to search and discover educational content within the MedEdPORTAL repository. A user may be searching for content on the POGOe geriatrics education portal. In addition to searching content within the POGOe repository, the POGOe system connects to MedEdPORTAL and searches its metadata records to present the user with a broader selection of available content.

2. The eViP project is a collaboration of 8 medical schools in europe. They have created a repository of virtual patient content that includes content from each of their schools. Each school includes a healthcare lom metadata record with their virtual patient so users can find virtual patients relevant to their learning or teaching needs.

3. CECity works with the American College of Cardiology and uses healthcare lom to integrate the colleges many educational offerings, offering a comprehensive view of the College's offerings despite the fact that they are spread across many different systems, internal and external.
Standardizing the description for learning activities makes it easier to:

  • Locate educational resources within or across collections.
  • Share educational resources.
  • Manage curricula.
  • Integrate learning resources into clinical decision support, personal health records,  and portfolios.

Healthcare LOM is also used within the following MedBiquitous standards and specifications:

  • Activity Report
  • Competency Object
  • Competency Framework
  • Curriculum Inventory
  • Educational Achievement
  • Medical Education Metrics
  • Virtual Patient

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