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6.9       Custom Elements

Healthcare LOM allows organizations to add new elements to those described in this document and in the IEEE LOM documentation.  This allows organizations to further customize Healthcare LOM for their specific needs. 


Any customization to VA schema within the VA must be discussed and reviewed with the VA Cybrarian and designated team before implementation. 


Approved custom elements within VA LOM include the Learning Management extension, mediaAsset extension, and DoD Security Classification (see Appendices I: customElements, J: customElement: LearningManagement, K: customElement:mediaAsset and  Appendix M: DoD Custom Extension – Security Classification for more information).  Note:  VA currently does not require the DoD Security Classification.


For additional information on Custom Elements, please see MedBiquitous ANSI/MEDBIQ LO.10.1-2008 Healthcare Learning Object Metadata Specifications and Description Document Version 1.0 (14 April 2008).


J-3.3: Declarations (XML) for VA’s Learning Management Extension

The following is an XML example of the customElement: LearningManagement when used with LearningManagement namespace.


XML Examples:


       <lm:learningManagement />



    <lm:learningManagement xmlns:lm=“”>
         <lm:entry>[enter URI#]</lm:entry>
         <string language=”en”>This is the issue and recommended resolution…</string>
         <lm:communicationLocation>on passing exam</lm:communicationLocation>
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