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Please add a link and description and reference to the healthcare lom element to which the vocabulary applies. This will enable broad sharing and cross fertilization. 

Title & LinkDescriptionHealthcare Lom elementCitation
Audience Vocabularies at Department of Veterans AffairsVA uses a list of vocabulary terms related to those found in the SOC Codes, Occupational Outlook Handbook, and Military Rank Employment data.audienceCategory and Classification 
Curriculum Inventory Standardized Instructional and Assessment Methods and Resource TypesA list of standardized instructional methods and assessment methods to facilitate reporting of aggregate data related to curriculum content and pedagogy. The list was developed by a subcommittee of the MedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory working group and is being used by the Association of American Medical Schools in its Curriculum Inventory systemactivityOrResourceFormatMedBiquitous Curriculum Inventory Working Group Standardized Vocabulary Subcommittee. (2012). Curriculum Inventory standardized instructional and assessment methods and resource types (September 2012 version). Washington, DC: Association of American Medical Colleges.
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