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Meeting Information


August 26, 2011


10 CDT/11 EDT

Attending: Sean Hayes, co-chair; Alison Eades, Andy Rabin, Valerie Smothers

Agenda Items

1.       Review minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

2.       Updates on the Alliance

Task force progress

Sean summarized that George Mejicano, President of the Alliance for CME, asked him to chair a task force of members from the Alliance and SACME to write a report on what a research institute could look like. The report will indicate the value for the alliance and concrete recommendations. Jack is a task force member and has brought in the role of MedBiquitous. The report will be submitted the the Alliance board at the end of September. 

Brian McGowan

Valerie summarized her conversation with Brian McGowan, chair of the emerging technologies committee at the Alliance. Valerie commented that the committee has no funding or staff support, which limits what it is capable of doing. Right now they are trying to integrate social media into the annual meeting. Valerie commented that it was a good opportunity to introduce Brian to MedBiquitous but that she didn’t see any near term opportunities for working together.

Sean commented that what is needed is a best case practice, a pilot case that shows where MEMs has value.

Andy commented he is still struggling to find examples of implementations outside of PARS. Without external drivers, it is hard to motivate providers to adopt.

Valerie questioned whether a workshop at the MedBiquitous meeting would be helpful.

Andy replied that it is too early for a workshop unless it was done in conjunction with the ACCME. Sean commented he could see having something at the CME basics institute, included as part of a Technology workshop.

The group discussed preparing for the presentation at the Alliance meeting in January. The breakout session lasts 50 minutes, and it needs to be interactive and engaging.

Andy agreed to put together an outline for an agenda. He added that it will be a less technical audience.

Valerie suggested getting participants to talk about the burden of documentation and data compilation.

Follow ups with Paul Weber and leadership on collaboration

Valerie will contact Paul to see if there was interest in moving forward.

3.       Update on communications with the ACCME and other accreditors (see

Valerie summarized that she presented MEMS and the opportunity to extend MEMS in support of REMS to a group of health professions education accrediting bodies at the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) two weeks prior. The presentation was well received. Following her presentation, the ACCME presented proposed data points that would support REMS educational outcomes evaluation.

4.   Open discussion


Action Items

Andy will outline an agenda for the January presentation at the Alliance.

Valerie will contact Paul Weber to see if there was interest in moving forward with a survey.

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