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MedBiquitous Annual Conference

Baltimore, MD


The group discussed how to promote adoption of the standard. Some ideas shared were:

  • International survey on the use of virtual patients
  • Documentation of system implementations to facilitate reverse engineering of activity models
  • implementation guidelines focused on conformance
  • Education, including sessions at AAMC meetings and faculty development
  • An invitation for research (is this the way to teach clinical reasoning)
  • A publication in the peer-reviewed literature

Next steps

  • Find out dates and abstract deadlines for AAMC regional meetings
  • Make “sandboxes” and demo accounts available off the MedBiquitous website

Areas for exploration

  • Look at the Potential for other types of simulation to be a part of spec, including Virtual worlds.
  • Monitor tin can developments and examine how they might be applied to virtual patients
  • Monitor physiology engine developments and how they might be applied to virtual patients


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