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Meeting Information


January 17, 2013


7 PST/10 EST/15 GMT/16CET

Attending: JB McGee and Nabil Zary, co-chairs; Luke Woodham, Matt Cownie,  Susan Albright

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last call (McGee and Zary)

The minutes were approved.

2 Review revised implementation guidelines (Smothers and Zary)

Valerie reviewed that she had moved the implementation guidelines to the wiki and made the edits recommended by the group on the last call. There are now 3 main sections: an introduction, a section for educators, and a section for programmers.

JB commented that we should come up with a process for filling out the FAQ. He asked Valerie to email the group asking everyone to contribute questions and answers to the FAQ.

JB asked Nabil who else might be interested in contributing to the document. Nabil replied that we should start by looking at eViP documentation. That would be a good start. The programming part is challenging; there are different approaches. He could help headhunt. By the next meeting they can start to work on it.  He added that he won’t be able to put a lot of time in the writing task. Valerie agreed to organize the co-authors and assign different tasks.

Nabil will have someone move evip documentation to the wiki page. We can start by exposing everything and then edit. There are UML diagrams, use cases, etc. After we move content over we can dissect what is usable and what isn’t. Valerie, JB, and Nabil agreed to talk after the call to come up with a plan for proceeding.

Nabil agreed to transfer content by Feb 5. Valerie agreed to remind him.

3 Discuss outreach, upcoming meetings and webinars (group)

JB commented that we wanted to reach out to the Education and IT community. He had volunteered to do WGEA. Susan commented that she and Valerie missed the deadline for GIR. The NEGEA we may be able to get in. Susan commented she could ask Maria Blanco and see if there is anything we can do. JB encouraged Susan to do that. It’s not hard to put abstract together. They did extend the deadline. Valerie offered to send something to Morgan Passiment to see if it was possible to present at the GIR meeting. Susan commented that she does plan to go.

JB commented that he is attending IAMSE and could say a few words. He asked if there are other meetings we should have on our radar.

Nabil commented that MedInfo is one. He has submitted an abstract. It is In Denmark this year, and only takes place every 3rd year. The abstract deadline has passed. What kind of visibility do we want to have? MedBiquitous VP is the basis of their abstract – extending the standard to the Virtual Physiological Human community. Do we want additional exposure, and if so, what kind?

JB suggested that maybe as MedBiquitous we can contact the program committee to see if there are opportunities. We may be able to display a poster in connection with related event. Or include a link on program committee page.

Nabil agreed it was a good idea. He recommended CC’ing his colleague when sending the email. She is part of the organizing board. He also said to tell him what kind of exposure we want. They are overwhelmed with the review process. We should go to the program and pinpoint what we’d like to have.

JB commented we should put forth the premise and communicate our activities. We may also want to contact the organizers. There may be a way to get in as exhibitor. We can go to the organizers in addition to the program committee. They may have more venues to suggest. Valerie commented that even a handout or poster at the registration desk would be helpful. JB recommended contacting the organizing committee as well as the program committee.

JB asked Nabil to talk a little about the MedInfo conference. Nabil replied that there is academic crossover between medical informatics and innovation tools with a connection to health. It is very much aligned with vision of MedBiquitous. It is big and international.

JB commented that another international one is the Asian Simulation Conference organized through IMSH meeting run by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. The scientific committee chair is from Pitt. We can get on their program. It’s In October, and he will attend. They have not yet announced submissions for the Asian conference. We could use a similar abstract. The group agreed to keep it on their radar. JB also asked Valerie to help with an abstract for the WGEA meeting.

The group added that AMEE abstracts are open until March 12. We will work on an abstract for that as well.

Nabil added that next year, KI will have a booth. He can almost promise some exposition for MedBiquitous. Karolinska has an educational prize every 2 years. Every time the prize is awarded, they have funding for more positions. MedBiq could have a booth. He will arrange something. That si something to plan for. Valerie added that Professor Harden had kindly offered to include handouts with registration materials as well.

4 Discuss status of educational and technical overviews (Smothers)

Valerie commented that she was receiving help from Johns Hopkins staff in creating the video presentation. She added that she had not included the Cook triola diagram due to the excessive cost.

Susan recommended making our own diagram. She asked Valerie to send her a link to the diagram.

Nabil asked what will happen with overview? Valerie replied we will post them to website and announce them on the home page, newsletter, and Twitter.

5 Open discussion (group)

JB asked if anyone was planning to attend IAMSE in June. IAMSE is the International Association of Science and Medical Educators. It’s mainly people that teach in 1st and 2nd year medical school. There is an emphasis on technology at this particular meeting. There is a preconference meeting, a reunion of the Slice of Life group. They were one of the earliest education technology groups, centered around an interactive laser video disc for anatomy and pathology courses. They dissolved 5 years ago. But there is a session at this year’s IAMSE focues on technology. We can send info to the working group.

Nabil added there are many sessions about education. JB agreed, adding there are old timers in virtual patient development and use, too. The Saturday meeting has flexibility in the agenda. We should have some mention of the working group. He can help with that. He asked Valerie to contact Suzanne Stensaas and ask about working in mention of the organization. There are a few VP events, we could grab 10 minutes on one end of an event to say something about medbiq. Nabil commented that at least 2 from KI will attend.

Nabil commented that the group should focus on getting the implementation guidelines and overview out; dissemination. One question he has is the perspective of reviewing the standard on a regular basis. He got many emails from people asking if there is room for improvement in spec. Question to group, would this be valuable to think of revising the spec?

Matt, Susan, and Luke agreed.Luke added that David Burden, Michael Steele and others had suggestions, too, related to virtual world platforms. We should find a way to gather those suggestions. Valeri offered to create a page on the wiki. We can ask people to aggregate suggestions and see if it’s worthwhile.

Nabil commented that willingness to implement may increase.

Luke agreed a semiformal mechanism for making suggestions is probably helpful. That might encourage further feedback.

Valerie commented that the mailing list is archived. If people send comments, we’ll be able to archive and track.


Action Items

  • Valerie will send a note to the group asking everyone to contribute questions and answers to the FAQ.
  • Nabil or his staff will add content from eViP documentation to the implementation guideline by Feb 5.
  • Nabil will work to identify co-authors for the guide.
  • Valerie will help to organize co-authors and their specific tasks.
  • Valerie, JB, and Nabil agreed to talk after the call to come up with a plan for proceeding on the implementation guideline.
  • Susan will ask Maria Blanco and see if there is anything we can do at NEGEA.
  • Valerie will content Morgan Passiment regarding a potential presentation at the GIR meeting.
  • Valerie will contact the program and organizing committees of MedInfo regarding a poster or link with a connected event.
  • Be on the lookout for abstract submission information for the Asian Simulation Conference
  • Valerie and JB will work on an abstract for the WGEA meeting.
  • The group will work on an abstract for AMEE, due March 12.
  • Valerie and Nabil will coordinate on exposition opportunities for AMEE.
  • Valerie will send Susan a link to the Cook Triola diagram.
  • Post videos to website and announce them on the home page, newsletter, and Twitter.
  • Valerie will send info on IAMSE to the working group.
  • Valerie will contact Suzanne Stensaas and ask about working in mention of the organization.
  • Valerie will create a page on the wiki for version 2.0 suggestions.
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