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Meeting Information


September 9, 2010



Please note: the conferencing service will ask you to enter the pound sign. Press # for pound.
To mute, press *6.

Attending: Mike Zarski, Chair; Valerie Smothers, Staff; James Fiore, Annette Gippe, Lauren Patrick, Toby Vandemark

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last call

The minutes were approved.

2 Review changes to specification

Valerie provided an overview of the Professional Profile specification changes. She deleted the Maintenance of Certification value from the Certification Occurrence element as only the initial and recertification values are actually used. In addition, she added No Longer Active as a value to the Education Status element at the request of the AAMC. No longer Active is used when the school is uncomfortable indicating is a student withdrew or dismissed. The new No Longer Active value applies to both situations without distinguishing between the two.

Mike commented that the document accurately reflects the changes we discussed on the last call.

Valerie commented that the revised schema is now available on the wiki. (NOTE: The schema is now also available at:

Mike asked Valerie to recap what steps take place before the change becomes official.

Valerie replied that the current changes will be a point release. The working group is obligated to develop version 2 of the standards within 5 years of version 1 being released. Since the professional profile received approval in July 2008, a new standard is required by July 2013. Given the amount of time it takes to complete a ballot and review, the working group should submit a proposal to the Standards Committee for review in 2012, so that it can be approved by July 2013.

3 ABMS update

Mike summarized that Brenda and Purvi from ABMS were not on the call to report to the group, so this item would be tabled until they were available. On the last call, some things were still up in the air. ABMS indicated they were working in a pilot mode through May 2011 but expecting to have quarterly calls and might have feedback before then.

4 Progress on attachment guidelines

Mike recapped that the Technical Steering Committee is working on attachment guidelines at the working group’s request since it should be standardized across working groups. Valerie provides the group with the current working document that the Technical Steering Committee is developing. She explained that there are three ways of dealing with attachments: via web services, by reference, and using encoding. All three approaches are explained in the document with examples. Valerie expects that the reference approach will be most popular. She added that the committee is creating an XML schema for including attachments as references or binary encoding, and that can be imported into the professional profile to provide attachment support.

Mike recommended contacting the group who brought up the need for attachments to see if this would meet their needs.

5 Open discussion

Valerie asked James if he had heard anything from the ABMS regarding stakeholder feedback.  James inferred that their change-request might have been born out of a recent ABMS-Technet call in which James had reminded ABMS that they should have the standard changed to keep the standard apace with MoC changes.  He also suggested that perhaps ABMS participation is waning because so few of the other medical-specialty boards are using the standard to submit certification data.

Mike commented that until we had clarity on several issues it was premature to change the standard.

Valerie announced that the Call for Abstracts for the MedBiquitous Annual Conference 2011 was now open. Abstracts are due November 1.

The next call is Oct 14 at noon Eastern time.


Action Items

Valerie will contact the ECFMG to see if the attachment guidelines meet their needs.

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