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Meeting Information


February 14, 2014


11 EST/10 CST

Attending: Amy Opalek, Chair; Prasad Chowdavarapu, Jim Jahrling, Don Kooker, Purvi Maniar, Scott Kroyer, Brenda Ruff, Tricia Thomas

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of 11/18/2013 meeting

Under 6E Amy commented that she did not make the comment about the ANCC leadership change. Valerie corrected the name to be Tricia Thomas. The revised minutes were accepted.

2 Review process for proposed and accepted spec and schema updates

Amy commented that Len has not had a chance to make changes yet and that we would table the discussion until a later time.

3 Review updates to spec and schema

a NonNullString data type

Valerie explained that on the last call Prasad had noted a problem with the use of NonNullString datatype. The definition of the datatype was inconsistent among specifications.

The proposed revisions to the professional profile (see datatypes link in 3b) leverage a NonNullString datatype defined in the common.xsd file that is for use across MedBiquitous specifications.

b Telephone numbers (see proposed datatypes and image)

Valerie reviewed that on previous calls we had discussed the objections that were raised to using a string to define a phone number given the existence of international standards for country codes and national phone numbers. The group had encouraged developing a specification that would accommodate both approaches and deprecating the string based approach to encourage people to move to a more structured format. The schema snippet and image show a prposed datatype for phone numbers that provides that choice between an approach based on ITU international standards and an approach that allows for the phone number to be a string.

The group questioned the use of the integer datatype, citing integer length requirements and the inability to support leading zeros. Phone numbers are allowed to have leading zeros. Valerie agreed to investigate how to accommodate leading zeros in national phone numbers.

Prasad recommended creating a string-based regular expression with a maximum length of 14 and only numbers 0-9 permitted.

Amy commented that no country codes begin with 0. She offered to double check.

Scott commented that it may be a best practice to use strings for numeric ids. 

4 Setup of PP Implementer mailing list

Valerie explained that she had sent invitations to all of the working group members to join a mailing list for professional profile implementers. The group indicated they received the invitations. Prasad asked if the implementers list could include those who were not members of the working group. Valerie confirmed it could include both working group members and non-members and was a place to ask questions and share best practices.

5 Use of extensions

Valerie explained that she created a wiki page for documenting extensions to the standard. Amy commented they have shared emails with NBME regarding extensions related to assessments. That is still in the works. They are meeting with several data commons partners to discuss.

Prasad asked if there are existing standards related to assessment. Valerie mentioned PESC has standards for assessment results. In addition, the IMS QTI specification is an option, albeit complex. Don commented that they use QTI with vendors and had considered using it to collect response data. Valerie commented that we could point to standards created by other organizations in our best practices guidelines.

Amy asked group members to add their extensions to the wiki page.

6 Update on outreach to new organizations

Amy has attempted to contact CGFNS. She will follow up with them.

Valerie commented that AACP has indicated that they are joining. She hoped they would participate in March.

Scott asked if there was nursing participation. Tricia replied that she was participating from AACN. There are other organizations that do specialty certification, such as ANCC, where there has been a recent change in leadership. Advanced practice nursing may be an avenue to pursue.

7 Other business

Tricia shared that the Clinical Nurse Leader program recently received NCAA accreditation from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Valerie commented that was something that could be represented in the professional profile. She recommended that we revisit the mapping to the spec to make sure we could represent the credential appropriately.

 [NOTE: Current language of several certification elements is medical specific. We may want to discuss broadening to the health professions in general.]

Amy noted we could revisit the process for updating the spec on the next call.


Action Items

Group members will add their extensions to the wiki page

For future discussion

  • Revisit mapping Clinical Nurse leader to the spec to ensure accreditation can be represented appropriately.
  • Revisit the process for updating the spec on the next call


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