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Attending: Amy Opalek, Chair; Prasad Chowdavarpu, Editor; Len Armstrong, Kevin Clauson, James Fiore, Donald Kooker, Purvi Maniar, Alex Minkofsky, Brenda Ruff, Tarang Shah, Valerie Smothers, and Tricia Thomas.

Agenda Items

  1. Review minutes of 2/14/2014 meeting.

    The minutes were approved as submitted.

     2.  Introduction of new group members representing AACP

Valerie made the introduction for the two newest members of the group, Ruth Nemire, Associate Executive Director for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.   She is a Pharm D with a clinical background.  The other person joining the group is Kevin Clauson who is a consumer health information researcher at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  His main specialty is consumer health.  Kevin mentioned he is eager to hear about what this group is doing. 


    3.   Announcement of new Group Editor

Prasad was not on the call at the time of this agenda item but Amy commented he has been hard at work already.    

    4.   Review process for updating specification and schema

Valerie updated the group on the review process and mentioned the Technical Steering Committee has been looking at GitHub as a way to manage updates to the schemas and specifications. It is an open platform for sharing open source code.  The Technical Steering Committee is investigating this; it gives us a way to better manage proposals for review and have everything all in one place.  It will be easier for developers to download code as well.  In the past, we have provided ample time to review proposals and then integrate the points into a version of the proposal unless we have that level of approval.  Amy suggested having a separate call to discuss that among herself, Valerie and Prasad.  Prasad expressed concern about having multiple versions of the drafts available.  Valerie commented GitHub would allow you to see multiple versions.  The website has dated versions of schemas starting in 2013. 

    5.   Proposed addition to CertificationInfo: CertificationAccreditation (see PowerPoint)

Tricia represents the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and is the Board Chair for nursing certification.  They have been discussing credentialing of Clinical Nurse Leaders at the national level and identifying these nurses as board certified in their specialty area.  Her interest is to make sure the schema is able to represent this important credential.  This program is accredited by the NCAA.  Valerie mentioned that on slide 2 CertificationOrganization is listed as the American Board of Nursing and that was incorrect.  NCAA accreditation could be indicated in the CertificationOrganization field, or we could create a new field.

Len commented it was unclear what a certification status is as opposed to a certificate status. Purvi commented ABMS uses Certificate status as it relates to individual certificates that they receive, certification would be one status that goes along with all the certificates.  James mentioned they are only using certification status.  Amy suggested having a separate time to talk about the CertificationInfo data model. Len commented he will be discussing certification in depth on a later conference call and report back. 

Valerie reviewed options for conveying accreditation of a credential: use the existing CertificationOrganization element, or creating something new for accreditation, or change the name of the CertificationOrganization to something more generic such as oversight body.  Prasad commented he thought there was a need to have both of them.  Amy added, as long as the definitions aren’t dissimilar, the element could be repeated if you had more than one authority.  The only reason to have two different elements is if they represent substantially different concepts.  As long as their activities are largely the same they could be the same element.  The group asked Valerie to investigate whether there may be both accreditation and certification of a certification program. Valerie will follow up with Kevin and Tricia regarding specialty certification in Pharmacy and Nursing. 

    6.   LicenseNumber as a required value in LicenseInfo (question from Data Commons)

Len continued with a discussion on the licensing element.  He spoke with Cindy Streun from the Federation of State Medical Boards who informed them there are times when they don’t know the license number and the state does not provide it for privacy reasons.  He recommended license number allow a null value and be optional.    James concurred.  Len added that attrobutes could still be useful in the event of a null value. 

Prasad recommended keeping it required and using a nullable string.  Amy expressed concern that they might not know themselves why license number is not available.  Prasad recommended creating another attribute with enumerated values to convey the availability of the data.  Prasad asked how we are using the restrictions to indicate a confidential meaning.  Len interpreted confidential to mean being made available but not published or made available. Valerie dictated from the specification the meaning of confidential, indicating a piece of data that may not be shared or published.  Valerie suggested having Cindy, Prasad, and Len discuss this offline and come back to the group with a proposal.    

    7.   Publication of World Directory of Medical Schools

Amy continued with a discussion on the World Directory of Medical Schools publication at The directory merges the IMED and World Federation for Medical Education directory.  Prasad requested a crosswalk file for the old IDS and new IDS that ABMS would be able to use.  Len asked if there would be an operational web service that could give a FAIMER code back.  Amy replied not at this time.  Len recommended further discussion.

     8.   Other Business

Action items

  • Valerie will follow up with Kevin and Tricia regarding specialty certification in Pharmacy and Nursing and whether specialty certification programs are both certified and accredited.
  • Cindy, Prasad, and Len will discuss changes to licenseNumber to accommodate situations where the license number is unavailable or confidential.


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