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Sharing a case written by an Education Institution with Clinical Practice 

An Educational Institution conducts research in a particular area of healthcare. It decides the best way to communicate the results of this research is to create a Virtual Patient for Clinical Practice to use.  While a University may be comfortable with sharing the content of a case (or many cases) with clinical staff in a healthcare organisation that organisation might not have the capability/resource to host its own Virtual Patients.

In addition, while both organisations might be very interested in metrics on learners usage of the virtual patient the university is unlikely to want to support the healthcare organisation in tracking such information for HR purposes.

In this scenario, as the learner plays through a virtual patient the host system can write to the learners 'home' Learning Record System. In situations where both the healthcare trust and the educational institution are interested in the results, (perhaps a Basic Life Support/Resuscitation VP)  the host system can write entries to both Learning Record System's.  Each organisation can then take very different approaches to interpreting the learner data. For example, while the educational organisation might be interested in how the learner navigated the VP, the HR department of the healthcare organisation might be more interested that they completed it with a score of 27

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