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Analyzing the effect of a Virtual Patient Case in context

We are writing Virtual Patient Cases that are to be used in conjunction with physical simulation exercises. The simplest procedure is to use a VP case for preparation and a different one as reinforcement on completion of the physical simulation(s). I can envisage a future where all of the data about a learners actions in the virtual patients could be correlated with what they did in the physical simulation. The existing OSCE process could be digitised so that their physical actions are sent to the LRS. This would be a lightwieght, reporting only version on the HSVO concept that organisations would find easier to overlay onto existing practice.  Should XAPI gain enough traction then the simulation community could start to insist on equipment that supported reporting to XAPI in the same way that  the e-learning community has insisted on SCORM compliance for corporate learning systems. With the much mooted 'internet of things' arriving we can capture a flood of data about learners activities. Analysis of this flood could allow us to identify virtual patient designs that impact on learners real world activities. 


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