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Playing a series of linked VP cases over a period of time

one question that has been asked in the past, "is anyone staging a VP case as a series of incidents over a period of elapsed time". 

the XAPI extension mechanism could be used to store a 'label' against a case that would allow journeys through different cases to be linked together. These could be multiple incidents with the same patient released at different points in time. Alternatively they could be multiple cases hosted on different systems (current VP standard compliant or not) but with a particular topic as a theme linking them together. This use case would link back into using the healthcare LOM standard to categorize and discover relevant material.




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  1. Ok, if I understand correctly, a few possibilities.

    1. multiple incidents of the same VP case by the same learner
    2. Incidents of different virtual patient cases that are related (either the cases reflect same patient - John Doe - at different points in time, or the cases reflect a common theme, ie treating abdominal pain)

    Would there also be a use case around vp cases that are part of a "panel"? or a curriculum? They may not have a common theme, but they may be linked by their use in the curriculum. Thinking out loud, as it were...

  2. hadn't thought of 1) but yes you could tie several journeys of the same together and see if they where 'improving' or changing how they played them.

    2) definitely the idea

    3) that would work, possibly starts to overlap with the metadata stored against a case or is that joined up thinking where it all comes together and starts to bear fruit?