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VP ActivityADL/SCORM ProfileVP Profile
starting a casestartedbegan
changes to counter values EXTENSIONaltered
MCQ cmi.interaction interaction
node visits (navigation events) experienced? visited
watching multimediaexperiencedwatched
rules firing (probably not?)EXTENSIONfired
completing a casecompletedexit
data Item requestsasked? 
time spent in each nodeduration or EXTENSION  
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  1. Is there any difference between started and began? I don't see the distinction between ADL/SCORM values and VP profile values in many cases.

  2. Initially I do not think that there is, other than those are the verbs we happen to use at the moment. So it might just be a case of changing the verbs we use. However things like visiting a node are very deeply embedded and experienced doesn't seem particular enough  to differentiate from 'just' watching some video. Key thing is are there enough differences (or additions)  to justify a separate VP profile and does that profile just add verbs or re-badge them? Does rebadging then exclude the VP community from being able to leverage other communities efforts around XAPI. For example, I would expect the Datashop initiative to be very active in mining XAPI type data feeds. The closer our data formats are to the standard the easier it will be benefit from any outcomes they produce? 



  3. My apologies to Matt. On 21 May, I sent the following to the listserv for discussion. I had not seen the above table of verbs when I did so. I think that Matt has already covered most of what I wrote. I append my email below to try and see how what I suggested fits in with his proposed verbs, with a couple of questions to clarify whether I am interpreting his meaning correctly:

    Opened/started/launched – a VP case

    Visited/touched/hit – for pages or nodes on a VP case – same as 'node visits' above

    Responded/answered/replied – for questions or input items within a node/page – is this the same as 'data item requests' above? 

    Completed/closed/finished/exited – when a case has been left (which is not necessarily the same as 'completed satisfactorily')

    Abandoned – as an alternative when a case has been exited prematurely/crashed/unexpectedly? - as Lorraine points out, with a software crash, not feasible, but might be useful as an alternative where the user bails out of a case without completing it, but there is no software crash. 

    Spawned/threaded/sublaunched/called – for when a secondary case is called from a primary case – probably would get too complicated to do this

    Returned/re-entered – came back into a case or activity/scenario thread from a 'spawned' sidebar track

    Paused? - as in setting a temp bookmark, so can resume the case later? 


    Triggered/interrupted – for when an activity or step or action is forced by the software, rather than as a user action (e.g. Timed popups in OpenLabyrinth, which can redirect to another node) – this I think is similar to what Matt described as 'rules firing'

    As an aside, I don't think you need the specific item of 'time spent on each node' because all of the records in an LRS are timestamped, if I understand correctly.