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August 7, 2014


8 PDT/11 EDT/16 BST/17 CEST

Attending: Schawn Baker, Matt Cownie, Erick Emde, Joel Farrell, Andy Johnson,  Ed Kennedy, Ellen Meiselman, Valerie Smothers, Michael Steele, David Topps, Craig Wiggins, Missy Wozetek.

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes

Michael asked if Matt had connected with Rob Chadwick. Matt replied no; he is not working with virtual worlds but is interested in augmented reality.

2 Demo of Michigan Wordpress-based system (use any name to log in)

Ellen explained that they installed the learndash plug in and a plug in from grassblade that links to the LRS with XAPI. There are several things missing they will have to develop. The current system doesn’t report the outcome of every question to the LRS. You can see the outcome through a wordpress interface. Users have been able to create new content quickly.

Their next project for XAPI is a nursing checklist. They want something similar to the Northwestern tool for assessing progress towards independence for surgical trainees. Currently XAPI statements include the quiz score; she would rather have it say pass and include data on each response. Anything with complete or passed gets sent to the LMS transcript. You can create certificates, people can upload assignments. You can create groups of students. Their XAPI statements use adl verbs and objects; it’s very simple. She may want to customize once she gets feedback from instructors.

Craig asked if the order in which people tried a question and other performance details were relevant. Ellen said yes. Some faculty want every detail. The Competency framework would come in handy. If they could get more detail on performance, they could have topic specific quizzes and see where people are weak.

Michael asked how data flowed to the LMS. Ellen replied that their next project is to use a web service making use of the integration layer in the Rustici LRS. It looks for completions, passes, and those statements cause it to dig through LMS database to find a course id.

Michael asked if the LRS pushes updates to listeners. Ellen replied you could set a trigger to look for specific types of statements.

Matt asked how the nursing checklist works. Ellen replied that anybody that knows the skill can act as preceptor. They don’t know who will be available to monitor performance. The checklist is assigned via LMS. When a patient requires action, the learner pages the preceptor, who observes, signs off, and gives verbal or written comments. They use a rating system similar to residents. Valerie asked Ellen to share the nursing checklist.

Matt how the preceptor is authenticated. Ellen replied they will have to log in. They intend to create it so it would work on a phone. Preceptors could dictate comments, video, etc. Matt commented that the spec would let you upload files. Ellen added it would be the basis for a portfolio system.

Michael asked about analytics. Ellen replied that there are analytics features they have not investigated. They can upload XAPI content created in tools like articulate, self-contained course material that talks  XAPI.

Erick asked if there was an XAPI packaging specification. Craig replied no. You can have something output to SCORM with additional abilities. CMI5 is trying to figure out a dedicated launch protocol.

Matt commented they use pebble pad for their nursing checklist. They have looked at my knowledge map, a tablet based system. Few use XAPI.  Ellen replied that associating data with the competency framework would allow you to compile it with other data if you had the data in a standard format.

3 Review use case template and use cases from other groups (Educational Achievement, Performance Framework)

Valerie explained that the template provides a framework for authoring use cases in a consistent manner. Use cases should illustrate how the standard would be used.

4 Discuss use case suggestions and sample use cases

Some ideas for use case topics were posted to the wiki page. Valerie asked the group for additions or comments.

Ellen relied that an Instructional designer could have checklist app, cloud-based learning, and other instructional resources that reports to one course. All the use cases suggested look relevant.

Erick commented that they’ve gotten a lot of interest in lab safety. He will talk with folks and see if there is interest in using XAPI in that context.

Ellen commented that they get use cases from clinicians. XAPI could allow more granular privileging based on level of competence. Ellen will add that as a potential use case.

Erick commented a similar use case is access control for labs. You can’t take mobile devices into labs.

We will discuss more on the next call.

Valerie asked working group members to post their ideas for use cases.

5 Open discussion


Action Items

Working group members to post their ideas for use cases.

Ellen will share the nursing checklist.


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