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Meeting Information


October 16, 2014


11 EDT


Attending: Erick Emde, Valerie Smothers, David Topps, Craig Wiggins, Luke Woodham

Agenda Items

1 Review minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

2 Continue discussion of use cases

Luke made edits to the first use case which were circulated by email.  He broadened use case 1 to better reflect recording of extracurricular activities. An activity could be recorded in an e-portfolio, or evidence of achievement may be uploaded to a system. The portfolio would communicate with the LRS.

Erick questioned whether logging activities was a separate use case. Luke commented that both scenarios involve an external system communicating with an LRS.

Erick commented that the trigger was misleading; the trigger is the learner’s activity, not the instruction to engage in the activity. Valerie agreed and edited the use case.

Valerie walked the group through use case 3. Luke commented that much of the learning in simulation  is in the debrief. Craig commented you could track that it happened. Valerie asked if there were other aspects of the debrief that one would want to track.

Craig commented that one thing they are doing with communities of practice is get verbs sets for different subject domains. They spoke with someone who indicated they might be doing work on simulation. He can he refer them to us.

3 Open discussion



Action Items

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