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For a more detailed introduction to spaces please refer to our online documentation.

Spaces bind Confluence content together beneath a name. They are the containers for pages, blogs, and email.

As you've probably guessed by now, everything you've been reading so far is grouped in the Demonstration Space.

Spaces have a key, a title, and a description.

Using Space Keys

A key is simply a quick way to refer to the space. It lets you link to a page within the space very easily:


gives Using+Spaces. This is obviously more convenient than having to use the full name of the space.

Using the Space Summary

A Space Summary is available which lets you view (and control) every piece of content within your space.

Visit the Demonstration Space Summary and experiment with the reporting, template, and administration features available there.

Note - you must be logged in as an Administrator or have the 'Administrate Space' permission to view 'Space Administration'

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