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Valerie Smothers MedBiquitous MEDBIQ
Address City State Zip
5801 Smith Ave Baltimore MD 21209
E-Mail Phone Fax 4107356142
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MEDBIQ HX.10.1-201x Healthcare xAPI Profiles
Project Intent Supersedes or Affects
Create new ANS
Project Need Identify ISO or IEC standard to be adopted
A common approach to implementing the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative's Experience API (xAPI) in the health professions would allow organizations to bring together data from across multiple systems or vendors for better analytics and educational experiences. Without a common approach, healthcare implementations will remain siloed, unable to work together as part of an education and analytic ecosystem.
Identify Stakeholders Includes text from ISO or IEC standard?
Health professions educators, educational technology vendors, health systems, healthcare companies, government agencies. No
Scope summary
We propose developing a set of profiles of the xAPI. The Profiles will provide guidance around specific types of activities, including the following: Simulations (Virtual patients, Mannekin-based simulations, Preceptor-reviewed simulations, Virtual worlds/games, Standardized patients, etc); Clinical training activities/experiences. In addition to profiles, the working group may create verbs for use within the profiles.
Consumer Product Unit of Measure Revises a previous PINS submittal?
yes Not applicable no
This specification will be a set of profiles of the xAPI.
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