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CI Standardized Vocab List March 2016AAMC/Terri Cameron

a standardized list of definitions for certain curriculum inventory vocabulary lists

CI Standardized Vocab List Nov 2015AAMC/Terri CameronA standardized list of definitions for curriculum inventory vocabulary lists - has highlights that implies some sort of comments2015

CI Standardized Vocab List 2015 Proposed Resources

AAMC/Terri CameronSmall list of vocabulary words and definitions, definitely 2015

Standardized Vocabulary Review by AAMC Reference Librarian

Diane GrayLiterature review from AAMC Reference Center; .mht email format2014

CI Standardized Vocabulary 2014 possible additions

Diane GrayMore traditional literature review from AAMC Reference Center including methods2014
Mapping Resource Type from CI vocabulary and Healthcare LOM + MEP TaxonomyValerie SmothersConnecting CI vocabulary to Healthcare LOM list & MEP vocabulary2014
Mark-up with notes from 8-11-14 callAdrian BallardDefinitions2014
Resources – number of schools (static draft)unknown tempReported usage of resources in the curriculum inventory2014

Misc. Resources