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Peter added that the other important issue raised at the Baltimore meeting was the need for examples of the XML and pdf files. That's an important next step. Three or four entities should try to create it and see what it looks like. You want to discover any problems now.

2 Sample CME certificates and XML/PDF representation
Valerie explained that the pdf files from adobe, which were distributed before the April meeting, are now available on the new wiki. Monica asked about the risk of someone modifying the data embedded in the xml. Valerie explained that the risk is the same as the current risk with paper and html credit certificates. Saavy users could forge or alter those, and saavy users could alter the XML in an unsigned certificate. Valerie added that there are security measures that could be taken to show whenever a pdf file has been modified. Peter added that in other industries they have used signed pdf documents with XML embedded. Signing limits what you can do. A smaller number of people can create the certificates. In earlier calls, working group members felt the additional security was not necessary.