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Sample Competency Framework,  Short Order Cook (see XML)

View a comparison of various published competency frameworks to the requirements identified by our competencies survey and to the IEEE's Reusable Competency Definition specification. 

Use cases that describe how different users might use a standards-enabled system are available below:

During the conference call on 17 Oct 2007 we saw how the CanMeds competency framework was built.  The conversation seemed to highlight the importance of looking at the elements of existing competency frameworks and the types of relationships that are being used to connect competencies.  Following the call, Tim drafted some diagrams to illustrate how CanMeds and some other existing frameworks seem to organize their data:

  • CanMeds - this document shows the structure of the CanMeds competencies and framework, as well as three sub-specialties' objectives.  One specialty's (psychiatry) objectives appear to follow directly from the CanMeds roles and key/enabling competencies (though they sometimes alter the competencies' text to refer specifically to psychiatry).  Cardiac Surgery and Ob-Gyn objectives seem to be constructed parallel to, but not directly derived from, the CanMeds competencies.
  • TIME-ITEM - this document shows the data structure and the types of relationships used in TIME-ITEM, a project Tim and other Canadian med schools have been working on.
  • Brainstorm - finally, this one is just a brainstorm of some types of relationships that might exist between a competency and other objects (other internal competencies, other external competencies, or other learning/assessment objects).


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