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  1. Updating the spec and schema to provide a choice for the TelephoneNumber element that allows a NonNullString or a 14 digit telephone number. (see proposal)
  2. The CountryCode will be limited to three integers.(Note; there is a data type defined that does this, CountryCodeType, but it has not been applied to the CountryCode element.)
  3. Changes to the representation of Certification Data
    1. MaintenanceOfCertificationInfo at a Member level after CertificationInfo (ABMS request). Subelements would include MaintenanceOfCertificationBoard, MaintenanceOfCertification (maintained/not maintained), MaintananceOfCertificationRequired (Required/Not required).
    2. Representation of entity that accredits the certification body (in some cases there are multiple)
    3. The meaning of Certificate status vs Certification status and the data model for certification data overall.
  4. CountryOfResidence does not support common attributes. See proposed solution.
  5. License numbers (nillable string with attributes that is optional or something else – conversation with Cyndi Streun, Prasad, and Len pending.)
  6. Use of the accuracy attribute to indicate when dates are accurate to the month or year only.
  7. Integration of assessment specifications? (see Educational Achievement spec: ; does not include expiration date at this time) 
  8. Vocabulary for Rank element in Faculty Appointment. Current values are Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Lecturer Adjunct Professor, Demonstrator. There is no “other’ value; the AAMC would like to add an “other" value. We don’t typically add other values to vocabularies. We could change it to a recommended vocabulary rather than a required vocabulary or discuss in the working group and see what other ideas emerge.
  9. Image updates (using XMLSpy)
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