Meeting Information


Sep 16, 2008



Attending: Madhuri Chinnakkagari, Scott Foutz, Jeanette Harmon, Laura Martin, Spencer Moore, Valerie Smothers, Leah Wang

Agenda Items

1. Review minutes of last meeting

The minutes were accepted.

2. Review ANSI status

Valerie told the group that the ANSI project notification time period had come and gone without comment. From the ANSI perspective, the group can go ahead and submit the specification to the standards committee for consideration as part of the path towards becoming a final standard. But before doing that, it makes sense to hear from implementers to make sure that it is on the right track. Valerie added that before sending the specification to the standards committee, it may make sense to combine the point of care learning specification with the activity report specification and combine the schemas as well. The point of care learning data cannot stand on its own; it must be a part of the activity report. Leah commented that it made sense to combine the specifications and schemas. Spencer agreed. Valerie agreed to go ahead and combine the documents before the next call pending approval by the point of care learning working group.

3. Implementers update

Valerie asked call participants to provide an update on their implementations. Scott commented that he had recently had a conference call with the ABP, and they are waiting for AAP to tie the client to live data. He expects that to start October 1. After that, he should have an update on how the activity report handles live data. Valerie asked Leah how work was progressing between Medscape, the AOA, and CE city. Leah replied that there has been work done by the AOA, but Medscape is a little behind. She is adding more people to the project so that they can bring it to completion.Spencer commented that RSNA have decided to use the activity report for any new participants in their CME gateway but not change the format for the existing participants, who can update if they choose to. The RSNA board voted to open the gateway to any other professional societies. The AMA had stopped by to discuss. Valerie asked Spencer if the intention was to create a gateway that could be broadly used for the medical profession. Spencer replied that that was the idea.

4. Submission to standards committee

Valerie commented that since many implementers were planning to implement in October, it made sense to wait until October to submit the specification to the standards committee. In addition, it made sense to wait until Toby was available to make that decision. The group agreed to wait until October.

5. Review of Implementation Guideline changes

Valerie reviewed the implementation guideline changes as a result of the last call, on which Skip provided some additional information. She asked working group participants to verify that their name is stated correctly on the acknowledgements page. Other changes included removing law metadata from the list of recommendations for reporting MOC activities and changing the dates sent for MOC activities. Valerie also added a short note about Web services being available.

6. Open discussion

The next call is October 14 at 2 PM Eastern time.


Action Items